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An Ace Up My Sleeve, Watchmen, Garycon

After work on Wednesday I rolled south to visit my dad (and my mother); we had dinner, then I went over to brother Pete's house to drop off a check; I ended up sitting around for a couple of hours talking to nephew Jake, which was fun.

On Friday, we ended up going down to Lincolnshire to see "Watchmen", because it was the only place we could find a noon show, and we had to be back home by 4:00 PM to meet Comcast (we were mostly without internet for nearly two days, and I was getting twitchy...)

"Watchmen" is a decent translation of the book to the screen. They fixed the book's main artistic flaw (the weird and incongruous pastel palette), and made very few changes that weren't justified by the need to keep the running time manageable. One odd choice was to have Night Owl present at Rorschach's death. I got the impression that the director disapproved of Veidt, while Moore had approved of him. It's a big movie; I don't think I will really have a solid opinion of it until I have seen it at least one more time.

It occurred to me as we were leaving he house in the morning (much, much too late) that it would have been fun to have some tee shirts made up that said, "The World Needs Adrian Veidt." Ah, well...

On Saturday we did IHOP, then I took Dementia home, and I headed up to Lake Geneva to spend a few hours at Garycon I, a sort of Gary Gygax memorial hosted by Gary's children. I sat in on an informal taping of Ernie Gygax and siblings Luke and Heidi reminiscing about life in the Gygax household in the late 60s and early 70s, and into the gravy days of the early 80s. Much fun.

On Sunday we did Red Lobster and blodged, for the most part. Dementia made me a three foot long knitted crocodile for my birthday... Two years ago, I said I was "one card short of a deck", which was an ok joke. Last year was the full deck, which wasn't nearly as much fun, but kind of inevitable. This year I was going to let the metaphor drop, but while driving to pick up supper tonight, I realized (spin being more important than substance) how to express it. This year, I have an Ace up my sleeve. I know I could use one...

And birthday wishes to Kristen (celeoriel of LJ) and Amber (bert of MySpace), who share the day with me.

Uncle Hyena
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