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Terra, Bloodsteel, Wolverine, Trek

Not much has happened in the last week, though I did spend about 20 hours on Wednesday and Thursday wearing a heart monitor for my sleep therapist.

The Wednesday Decompression Movie (on the heels of a trip to Skokie and back to get wired for the aforementioned heart monitor) was "Terra", a two year old animated thing that has been doing the festivals as "The Battle for Terra". I have no idea who this movie was made for; it is by turns preachy, silly, and pyrotechnic. It wasn't awful, and some of the visuals were excellent. But the thing seems to have a target demographic of no one, and I can't imagine anyone getting excited about it.

"Knights of Bloodsteel" had its premier on SciFi a while ago, and I finally got around to watching all three hours of it (four hours of broadcast time). It is upper mediocre epic fantasy, significantly better than the average SciFi original movie. I have paid cash for MUCH worse movies (but I have seen some really AWFUL movies...).

"X-Men Origins: Wolverine" is, well, Wolverine, version four hundred and twelve. I am fond of Wolvie; I have a fair amount of emotional investment in him. But I got fed up with Marvel retconning along about 1990, so I don't have any passion for it anymore. I only recognized a quarter of the characters, and am utterly indifferent to most of those. Having said all of that, though... It is hard NOT to like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine (or as much of anything else), and it is a decent enough movie.

"Star Trek" is a hoot. It's a first rate action/ effects film, with enough shout outs to the way things used to be to keep most of the fans happy. The recast and heavily reconned bridge crew does right by the memory of the originals. There is plenty of silliness, and a few "Star Wars" style scenes for the eight-year-olds.

Uncle Hyena
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