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Bad, Sorority, 9, Whiteout, Blocks

Four movies, some carpentry, and generally being in pain.

When I got off work on Sunday (after five 12 hour days), Dementia was feeling ill, so I saw the movies she had no interest in by way of decompression. On Monday we saw the two movies she DID want to see...

"I Can Do Bad All By Myself" is the latest from Tyler Perry. It has a couple of brilliantly funny moments, a pretty cool "Game of Mortal Stakes" moment that involves a bathtub and a boom box, and pretty lousy pacing. The pacing issues were mostly due to poor integration of the movie's several musical numbers. The music was good, but the songs had a significant energy dissonance with the rest of the film, and tended to crash the story.

"Sorority Row" is well executed but unimaginative formula horror. It delivers what it promises, which was fine with me.

"9" is just strange. It is visually fascinating, and seems to have something to say, or at least thinks it has something to say, but I have no idea what that might be.

"Whiteout" is pretty much a confused mess. The movie is set at and around the Amundsen-Scott South Polar Station, and in spite of having been filmed in pretty extreme conditions in northern Canada, manages to fail to convey just how harsh conditions really are. There is also some serious stupidity involving the use of lifelines to travel between buildings; one can apparently walk safely and with little or no strain, in spite of the wind, as long as one is attached to a lifeline, but as soon as the (slack) lifeline is severed, the wind grabs you and drags you into the nearest obstacle (or off into the snowfield). Huh? We didn't hate the movie, but it was far below our expectations.

I spent the day Tuesday running (or driving) around in circles, being depressed and angry-without-object and in pain. On Wednesday I finally managed to get the bearing blocks installed on the new mast (the weight of the mast is carried on these blocks at deck level, and the foot of the mast floats in the mast step), so now all I need to do is mount the halyard blocks and varnish the thing (and the varnish isn't necessary to go sailing). I expect to try the thing out next week on Monday or Tuesday.

Uncle Hyena
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