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Mage Knight Rebellion Notes

There follow three stories set in the world of the "Mage Knight Rebellion" miniatures game. The miniatures are visually interesting, the game is pretty good, but there isn't much depth to the world. There were initially four major factions, and several minor ones, and each had their own qualities, but it was much more game oriented than story oriented. I played the game a bit, and ended up with a trunkload of figures, and inevitably ended up writing some stories.

The major factions are the human Atlanteans (who practice a weird brand of technological magic and build a lot of magically powered machines), the Elementalists (who are a pretty standard elven society), the Blackpowder group (humans and dwarves who use guns and build things like Steam Golems), and the Necromancers (elves who use a lot of death and resurrection magic).

"Damselfly" and "Flight School" both focus on Atlantean dragonflies, one man magical flying machines. I have chosen to give them controls analogous to a modern helicopter. The third story... The Necropolitans have a figure that is a female elf in a dominatrix costume armed with a pair of daggers. A discussion was started that acknowledged that while the figure was visually interesting, who would actually go into battle dressed like that? And what sort of society would send its daughters into battle dressed like that? I thought about it a while, and decided that no society would do such a thing, so therefore all of the Nightblades must be women captured from the Elementalists, and tortured and brainwashed into serving the Necropolitans, and wrote "Sister Sacrifice" to illustrate the point.

Uncle Hyena

(Addendum: Something called me back to these characters, and a new story, "Scrounged," has been tucked in next to "Damselfly". (7/30/2006))
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