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Party in Louisville

So this weekend we drove 350 miles to Louisville, KY, to attend the 30th birthday party of my online friend Jason (Darkwolf69 on LJ). Dementia, being Dementia, took Friday and Monday off, and we drove down on Friday, wandered about and saw two movies ("Nanny McPhee" and "The Matador") on Saturday afternoon, went to the party on Saturday night, and then came home on Sunday.

I woke up early Saturday morning, intending to do a journal entry that has been bubbling about in my head for a while, and found that my laptop and decided to forget how to boot overnight; one more thing to fix this week...

Both of the movies delivered what they promised nicely; "McPhee" plays like a morph between "Mary Poppins" and "A Series of Unfortunate Events". "The Matador" is a VERY quirky commentary on friendship, notable (among other things) for the extremely non-standard variant of the Humane Society notice at the end, due to significant bull fighting scenes. Me, I am STILL waiting for the notice that "All animals involved in the production of this film were killed, barbecued, and eaten at the wrap party."

The birthday party featured a domino effect candle lighting trick on the cake (bridges of flash paper connecting the wicks) and a concert (and custom song) by filker Tom Smith. I hadn't seen Tom in concert before, though I have pretty much every recording he has ever sold, and it was great fun to meet him, and hear him do his thing in such an intimate setting. (If you aren't familiar with Mr. Smith, check out http://www.tomsmithonline.com )

Meeting Jason after something like two years of on line acquaintanceship was fun, though I did not have as much time to talk to him as I would have liked, what with the concert and him being the guest of honor. There was also the matter of having to drive 350 miles home and be functional at work at midnight on Sunday, so we left once the "Great Dalmuti" tournament finally started. (Jason had been unaware of the Tom Smith connection, and thought the "Dalmuti" tournament was going to be the main event...).

It was probably just as well we left when we did; I felt like my strings had been cut when we got back to the hotel, and slept like a dead thing.

And I STILL haven't made the post I got up early on Saturday to make...

Uncle Hyena
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