Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Rot With You

I have actually done this one in public a couple of times. There are two very distinct reactions. About half of the group laughs, and the other half squirms and scowls and wants me to go very far away.

I consider this an unqualified success...

The tune is the old Gospel chorus, "Just a Closer Walk With Thee"; the first line is actually a reference to "Firefly", which was suggested by Dementia after hearing the second first.

Uncle Hyena

Rot With You

You are corpsified and gross; (corpsified and gross, corpsified and gross)
Long past merely comatose; (long past comatose)
Stilled the tongue once so verbose
As you rot,
Slowly rot
Into Goo.

I am putrefied and green, (putrefied and green, putrefied and green)
Maggot-ridden and obscene; (maggoty and obscene)
Covered with a toxic sheen
As I rot,
Slowly rot
Next to you.

Putrefaction and decay; (putrefaction and, and decay)
Happy endings end this way; (they all end this way)
Oozing into the same clay
As we rot,
Slowly rot
Into goo.

Baby, let me rot with you; (let me rot with you, let me rot with you)
Side by side we'll see it through, (side by side we’ll see it through)
Melting into compost stew
As we rot,
Slowly rot
Into goo.

Paul Haynie
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