Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Thanks, Comments, and More Old Poetry

First, thanks to everyone who has written or commented in the last day or so; I appreciate it quite a bit. In particular, I want to thank Kevin, who has read everything in the archive, and left some very nice comments along the way, and Jessi, whose story of using my Firefly poems as part of a "Serenity" cinema outing made me cry.

Second, I am intrigued and amused that the January 31 APOLOGY for the for the January 26 "Bitch and Moan" post actually got more response than the "Bitch and Moan" post itself. I'm not sure how that works, but I am grateful anyway.

Third, I have buried still more stuff out in the archive, but given recent communications, you are absolved of any geas to actually read or comment on the stuff unless you want to.

My three pieces of filk (here defined as poems written to fit a specific melody) are in May, 2000:


And then there are a few other random poems gathered in June:


I still have some more stories and essays to put out there before I have to start digging through the REALLY old stuff (I have to actually TRANSCRIBE "Prince Charming", which few of you have read, since a rather interesting jinx has repeated destroyed every electronic copy of the story...).

Uncle Hyena
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