Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Boom! (Morons...)

So we ended up watching "Grey's Anatomy" this evening. They're doing a "Bomb in the body cavity" plot; as of a moment ago, a doctor flaked out, and Christina Ricci is left with one hand holding an artery closed while resting against a home made bazooka shell, and the other hand pumping an Ambu bag. Very heroic and all...

Bloody hell, guys, there is maybe a pound of HE in there. Build a barrier, dive behind it, if it doesn't blow instantaneously, it will upset the ceiling tiles, but it won't crack the concrete walls, or move a sandbag, or much of anything else. Because that is all that a pound of untamped, unshaped, conventional explosive with no shrapnel load is capable of.

It won't "blow up the hospital". It will probably blow out the windows. Of the OR. Maybe.

Knowing too much about the way the world works is a great way to develop writer's block...

On the other hand, thanks for all the nice comments about the latest fiction offering. Yes, there will be another chapter, soon, I hope. I said I knew where it is going, didn't I?

And beyond that... I have managed to damage my left foot in some way. I am mostly staying off of it, in the hopes of letting it heal as quickly as possible. This also means that it is REALLY unhappy about bearing my weight, and doing other foot like functions. The computer and the refrigerator are on the first floor; the bathroom is on the second. This has made for a rather long, painful day...

Uncle Hyena
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