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Ok, I admit it, I'm greedy. I look at what my various on line friends are going through, and the horrors that Clueless and his household are going through (you REALLY don't want to know), and think that I should just shut up and count my blessings. I have a great if somewhat unconventional marriage, a reasonably lucrative job that costs me nothing emotionally and pays a small dividend in self-esteem.

I want a social life. Given my hours and Dementia's attitudes, I REALLY want a social life under my own roof.

For five weeks last fall we had Kameron living with us, and it was great. He stayed out of Dementia's way, mostly enjoyed whatever was going on at the time (though we still haven't quite forgiven him for leaving the room during "Buffy"), gave me an excuse to get out of bed and accomplish things, and played games with my after Dementia went to bed in the evenings. It was great.

It wasn't a long-term sustainable situation, really; even if Kameron had not had a life of his own to get back to. For one thing, he increased Dementia’s work load, if only slightly. A long term resident would have to make Dementia’s life easier, not more difficult. For another, Kameron and Dementia didn’t share musical space well; Dementia controls the household sound track (and there is ALWAYS either music or the TV playing, when she is home), and probably would have driven Kameron crazy in time.

At any rate, *I* had a great time, one of the best times of my life. And I want it back, and I want it to be STABLE.

It’s an absurd wish, I admit it. The chance of finding someone whom both Dementia and I are willing to live with, and who wants to live with us, is only slightly more likely than the chance of winning big on the state lottery. But I can dream.

And, for that matter, I can attempt to exorcise my dreams, by exposing them to the world for the absurdities they are.

Like this.

Uncle Hyena
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