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Dementia is making a day trip to Kansas today on the company plane. Her employer's business case for a company plane is sketchy at best, but it is a closely held company, and the CEO wanted on, so...

While she was getting ready this morning, she was grousing that she had hoped that they would at least compensate her for the inconvenience of this outing by taking her to lunch at a decent restaurant, but they are going to have a BARBECUE. Dementia is planning to feign vegetarianism (I usually complain that my breakfast didn't agree with me...). Dementia went on to say that she supposed that if she shared her thoughts about the concept of "barbecue" it would lead to interesting conversation...

"You know," I said, "They say that, in a business setting, you should never discuss politics or religion..." Dementia started to laugh. I didn't have to say the punchline...

I love my wife.

In other news, I have had about a dozen requests, so far, to fill out a Johari window for various persons, and I am sure that I will get more. It's a fascinating concept, and I would rather like to set one up for myself, but I won't. After the first request, I looked the thing over, liked the idea, and then took a look at the adjective list and suffered near total brain lock. I say "near" because I was functional enough to hit the "back" button and get the hell out. So, no participation in the Johari window project. Sorry. Don't take it personally.

Uncle Hyena
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