Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Stupid People with Guns...

So I stayed up until 12:30 chatting, and then lay in bed and read for another hour. I was off today, right? Then the phone rang at 4:00; Clueless had gone through two 1.75 liters of 80 proof, taken another pot shot at his wife, attempted to strangle her, and then lost consciousness, at which point she called the police. He was hauled away in an ambulance wearing a bathrobe and a pair of sandals...

I confiscated every firearm he owns, and eventually picked him up , got him dressed, fed him a meal, and actually had a sober conversation with him. He's now home sleeping in his own bed, but he knows how close he came to being homeless. And I am pretty much committed to hauling him to Maryland (and maybe back) in early December.

Gods, am I tired.

Uncle Hyena
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