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Polychrome Movies, and Miscelany

Movies named "Aquamarine" and "Ultraviolet" opened on Friday. Being us, this pretty much made it a moral imperative that we see both.

"Aquamarine" is a mermaid movie aimed at 13 year old girls. I have a weakness for mermaid movies, and there is a surprising tendency for "young adult" movies to be well written. "Aquamarine" was neither as dreadful nor as good as it might have been; the enjoyable bits definitely outweighed the cringe-worthy moments.

"Ultraviolet" is ultra-violent eye candy; it would have been humorless and nearly unwatchable with another actress in the lead (well, Angelina could have done it, but Angelina can do ANYTHING...). As it was, Milla Jovovich brought her trademark dementia to the role, and it worked well enough. If you like Milla, you will enjoy the movie; if you don't, or are unsure, don't bother.

This brings me to the matter of CHA, APP, and related RPG details... I tend to do a lot of cross checking against RPG mechanisms when I am writing fiction. This is not a matter of trying to conform to any set of rules or game world (except in the rather obvious case of the "Quill" story) but rather because RPGs quantify much that is vague in the world; defining a default magic system keeps one more or less honest. So...

D&D had "Charisma" as a characteristic from the very beginning, and for the most part became a measure of the physical attractiveness of the character; RuneQuest went through a similar progression, and eventually replaced the "CHA" designation with "APP. "Persuasiveness, in RQ, was based on CHA (or APP), INT (Intelligence), and POW (Power, or innate magical strength). Anyway...

Gnolls are regarded as ugly (low CHA) and are bad at magic; elves are regarded as beautiful (high CHA) and are very good at magic. Suppose these are ultimately due to exactly the same thing? Suppose APP is a separate thing, and CHA and POW are EXACTLY THE SAME. There are all sorts of interesting possible ramifications here, among them the fact that while subjective artworks (portraiture or sculpture) of elves might capture their extreme beauty, mechanical reproductions (photography or life casts) would not.

Uncle Hyena
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