Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Movie Update, and Stuff

Let's see now...

Last Saturday, we saw the new "Looney Toons" movie. It delivered what it promised, no more and no less.

Sunday saw the penultimate presentation of "Tarzan", the only new series I care about. WB has killed it. We have (will have) all eight episodes on tape, but GODS... (I will NEVER fall for a series the way I did for "Firefly" last year, but still...)

Today we saw "Master and Commander", which again met all expectations. High expectations. (Ok, I'm a sucker for square riggers...) I found myself grinning stupidly throughout the incredibly bloody final battle; I am still trying to figure out just what that means (not, I think, that I am ghoul, but who knows...).

The previews to "Master and Commander" were magical; the upcoming Denzel Washington film "Man on Fire" looks great; "Last Samurai" looks like a lot of fun (and to Lassarina: What the devil is WRONG with the idea of "Shogun" reset 300 years later?); "Return of the King" is going to be... Well, it's going to happen, and the THOUGHT of that brings tears to my eyes.

In other news, I still haven't had to punch Clueless out, yet...

Uncle Hyena
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