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Let's see... On Thursday I finally got the boat out of the driveway, and realized that starting the truck was going to take more than my AC charger could put out, so I had to wait until Dementia came home with the jumper cables... And then when I tried to start the thing on Friday, it STILL wouldn't start... More on that particular story once it has finished playing out.

Dementia was too tired for a movie on Friday, so we still haven't gotten to "Ice Age", and may not. On Saturday we stayed with the original plan and saw "Take the Lead" and "Lucky Number Sleven".

"Take the Lead" is a dance movie starring Antonio Banderas, and that is probably all you need to know. If you like dance movies, and/or Antonio Banderas, you will like this movie; we did.

"Lucky Number Sleven" is a classic caper movie, with lots of over-written but fun dialogue and a wonderfully convoluted plot. Josh Hartnett holds his own opposite Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, and Ben Kingsley.

No, I have not yet cleared out the storage locker (which needs to be done before the rent comes due (again) on April 22); yes, I am still planning (or at least hoping) to more or less build a Puddle Duck Racer before the 6th of May; yes, I know that the smart money is betting against me. Hell, betting against me over the course of my entire life has been a winning proposition...

Uncle Hyena
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