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One of them's funny...

A story, and a rant:

The story:

The other day Dementia brought a sandwich home for supper (I buy three or four communal carry out meals every week; Dementia cooks a communal meal about once a month; otherwise it is all a matter of fending for one's self); it contained a pickle. She groused that the pickle had not been sliced, and I handed her the nearest knife (there are ALWAYS knives within arm's reach in our house...). The nearest knife happened to be a paratrooper gravity knife, so I had to coach her on getting it open. She proceeded to cut the pickle lengthwise, and commented on how dull the knife was; this got my attention. Knives in our house cover the full range from factory un-sharpened to wicked sharp; this knife was one of the latter. I looked to see what was going on, and she said, "Oh," turned the knife over, and finished slicing the pickle. She had managed to cut a hefty six inch dill pickle lengthwise with the SPINE of a wicked sharp knife and had not injured herself in the process.

It is not for nothing that I call her Dementia...

The rant:

I finished re-reading the original "V for Vendetta" this evening... I do not recall if the movie tag-line (with which I wholeheartedly agree) "People should not fear their governments; governments should fear their people," actually occurs in the printed versions. Two lines did occur, though, that I believe represent Moore's true feelings, and make me question his sanity. They were: "Anarchy means 'no leaders', Evey; it does not mean 'no order'." And: "This is not anarchy, Evey, this is chaos." This recalled several conversations with Clueless Tom in which I admonished him to stop calling himself an anarchist and to grow up. It will never cease to amaze and horrify me that there are supposedly rational adults who actually think "anarchy" is a viable system of government, and that it is not functionally equivalent to chaos. The first and most necessary function of government is controlling predators, and anarchy fails miserably at that; greed is simply far more efficient than altruism, in the short term, at organizing and concentrating force. Anarchic societies inevitably become societies where Might is Right.

I originally encountered the progression, "Might is Right; Might for Right; Law", in TH White's "Once and Future King", though I am certain it is not original to him. It struck me then, and nothing has changed, that the only one of these three systems which actually CARES about morality or justice is the second; Law is simply "Might is Right" codified and crystallized. As Douglas Adams has said, People are a Problem.

Uncle Hyena
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