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Minotaurs and Broos

REALLY esoteric FRPG/ fantasy fiction stuff that has been going on in my head...

The discovery that gnolls were public domain has really opened horizons for me; any number of vaguely formed fantasy concepts are coalescing, and I am finding I have more and more stories to tell. Of course, having them to tell is not quite the same thing as writing them, but progress is being made.

One of the things that came up, and contributed to the recent "Fool's Wager", was a realization about minotaurs...

Broos were strange, goat-headed humanoids from Greg Stafford's Glorantha; they were introduced in the board game "Nomad Gods" and expanded upon in "Runequest". They were described as disgusting, disease worshiping, humanoid eating scum. At some point in 1979 or 1980, I sent a package of thoughts and suggestions to Stafford and company (Chaosium, Inc., and its successors) that included the idea that perhaps broos were an entirely male race, who, due to being steeped in chaos magic, could cross breed with any other humanoid to produce a broo; the birthing process was invariably fatal to the mother. They never acknowledged the package, but about a year later they published a Runequest supplement which included the information that broos were predominantly male, and could reproduce with any mammalian species regardless of gender, and that the birth process was invariably fatal to the host. I will never know if my idea contributed to this development or not...

I know that I had it in my head before the "official" broo version was published that all unicorns were male; I am not sure I connected the dots between that idea, and the version of broo reproduction I suggested to the Chaosium. I do know that the Chaosium later published information about unicorns to the extent that they were a male race who reproduced by breeding (non-fatally) with other hoofed creatures...

At any rate, in the process of once again building a fantasy world, I am trying very hard to reduce the number of humanoid species, and trying to find ways to explain the various monsters in the world. It occurred to me that there was absolutely nothing to stop me from declaring that minotaurs made at least as much sense if seen as a magically fertile male species that bred with humans and elves as they did as a species unto themselves. This would allow my to use the various ideas for broos I have come up with over the years without stepping on the toes of the Chaosium copyright. This makes me happy...

I am still not sure what I want to do with unicorns, or rather, if I want to work my concept of unicorns into this world. Time will tell.

I warned you this would be really esoteric...

Uncle Hyena
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