Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Two Rants (for the price of one)

The Important Rant:

A nationwide bus tour designed to make Bible-Thumping institutions face the evil of their stand on homosexuality will be at Wheaton College sometime today. A presentation of their argument, and Wheaton's response to it, can be found here:


An appropriate metaphor for the situation has recently been presented to me: Using wood that should go into building bridges to stoke the fires of hatred. The 'Thumpers are so obviously wrong here, and the opposition so obviously right, that it is just embarrassing.

On a related note, it has occurred to me, that while the issue of homosexuality is never going to be less than muddy, a valid debating tactic is to lure a 'Thumper into the topic of polygamy. If you can get him to take the bait and get him to argue a Biblical case against polygamy, you will have the pleasure of smashing him into a fine, 'Thumpery paste. This will accomplish little beyond confusing the 'Thumper, but it IS usually a great deal of fun.

The Confused Rant:

What is it about genre movie fans that leads them (I would say, "Us", but I am not guilty of this particular vice) to react so violently when they are disappointed by genre films? Whenever a fantasy or science fiction or non-splatter horror film gets made, we need to remember that we are dealing with a dancing bear: The amazing thing is not how well it dances, but that it dances at all. The powers that be do not, and probably can not, understand what makes a good genre film, and audiences are as likely to respond to the bad ones as the good ones. (Compare "The Matrix" to "The Phantom Menace"; they were both out in the same year, and on any criterion except gross sales, "The Matrix" was a far superior movie (Is there ANYONE who will argue that?) And yet "Menace" out-grossed "Matrix" by four (?) to one...)

If you like genre movies, you have a moral obligation to NOT HATE ANY genre movies. You don't have to love them all; you can recognize their flaws, you can laugh at them occasionally if you wish. And of course, it is often heart breaking to come across a mediocre movie that could have been much, much better with only a tiny bit more care. But... The damned thing DANCES. It EXISTS. And every time that happens, we should be grateful.

Uncle Hyena
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