Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Dinner Conversation

I met Nikki for dinner at Gulliver's last night...

At first glance, Nikki seems to be a major blunder on the part of the Karmic Accounting Department; she is SO beautiful, and SO talented, and SO intelligent, that someone MUST have screwed up somewhere. Of course, after twelve years of knowing her I have a pretty good idea of how the accounts balance, but she is still wonderful company, "enhanced" by a severe-toothache level desire to take large bites out of her anatomy.

So... Conversation. Mystical experiences (with a an Odinic focus); sea monsters (and fish in general); relationships and personal history; bicycling in the dark, and other heavy labor; burlesque (but only, apparently, because I was a couple of days behind on reading her journal, which was kind of shameful on my part); Life, the Universe, and Everything. I walked her to her car and sang "Stormbringer" loudly enough to be heard over traffic on a Chicago sidewalk a little after 10 PM.

There does not seem to be enough time in the universe to give the people I care about even a fraction of the attention they deserve...

Uncle Hyena
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