Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Edith Keeler and the Price of Gasoline

I am supposed to be packing and generally getting ready to drive 1300 miles over the next three days. I am not highly motivated...

Emotionally, I am not happy about the current price of gasoline; the totals are just plain scary. Intellectually, however...

Remember Edith Keeler, the peace activist who destroyed the world in "The City on the Edge of Forever"? I think about her whenever some politician talks about finding ways to bring the price of gas back down.

Petroleum is a finite quantity, and we are long past the point when we should have stopped burning it for fuel and saving it for plastics and similar more durable uses. But we haven't stopped, and we won't, until the stuff becomes too expensive to burn, and we are forced to find an alternative. So in the long term, high gas prices are a VERY good thing.

In the short term, of course, high gas prices hurt. And the human race is notoriously short sighted.

Time will tell...

Uncle Hyena
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