Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Matagorda Trip, Days Three, Four and Five

Three days at once because, while I had my wireless transceiver with me in Port Lavaca, I neither had the drivers loaded nor the driver disk, so connectivity was a victim of the last software reload. Grrr.

Day Three: Arrived in Port Lavaca at about 18:45, checked into Days Inn, got the Magnolia Beach at about 19:15. VERY cool place; found the Duckworks people, and the Puddle Duck people (much overlap anyway) and hung out until about 21:30, then went back to the hotel and crashed.

Day Four: Slept sort of late, had breakfast at McD's, got to Magnolia Beach at about 11:00, hung out until after 22:00. Much good conversation, many pretty boats, porpoises (in the distance). One crash, one capsizing, no injuries, no boats lost. Much fun. I picked up a bit of sunburn in mostly inconsequential places, except for the tops of my feet, which are fried and have some kind of rash. Joy.

Day Five: Homeward bound; I wandered around Port Lavaca a bit, and then headed back north; I am now dug in at Howard Johnson's in Beaumont, TX. Went through a cloudburst just east of Houston, and ended up going swimming in the rain after I got here. Pleasant enough, but kind of lonely... Planning to crash early, sleep well, and have another easy day to New Orleans tomorrow, do some sight seeing, and be home late on Wednesday. Rah.

Uncle Hyena
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