Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Matagorda Trip, Almost Done

Day Six: Beaumont, Texas to Jackson, Mississippi. Got a great picture of a "Beware of Alligators" sign at a rest stop. Drove to and through New Orleans, decided not to stop; one city is ultimately like another on a fast hop, and not much fun with sore feet. I ended up doing a lap of lake Pontchartrain, and had lunch at a Taco Bell where they were offering $11.00 an hour for counter help; it seems the labor market is REALLY tight, post hurricane; I spent most of my lunch talking to a strawberry blonde college student from Maryland who had come in JUST to take advantage of the absurd wages for the summer. I spent the night in Jackson, MS; I had never set foot in either Louisiana or Mississippi before.

Day Seven: Jackson, Mississippi to Mount Vernon, Illinois. Nothing in particular, except the following REALLY LAME JOKE...

Dementia: Hello?
Hyena: Name that tune.
Dementia: Walking in Memphis.
Hyena: Heh.

Ok, so I had never actually set foot in Memphis before, in spite of being within about 15 miles a couple of time.

Home tomorrow. Pictures and ruminations to follow.

Uncle Hyena
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