Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Bears and Movies and Rings, Oh, my!

Ok, one bear, two movies, and one ring, but whatever. As always, movies first.

"The Break Up": Jennifer Aniston as product can't pay the bill on Vince Vaughn as freight. The movie begins with Vaughn picking up Aniston with moves that should have ended in a face full of pepper spray, and then shifts into a short montage of "happy couple", and then they are breaking up... Vaughn is, as usual, continuously in need of a punch in the face, and never gets it. There is, however, one scene involving the possible hire of a hit man that had us both howling in laughter...

"Cars": This movie worked FAR better than it had any right to. The secret racing trick that is mentioned in the movie actually works (on dirt...). The idea of anthropomorphic cars just NEVER quite works, but still... (There is a bit over the end title where they reshape the main characters of other Pixar films as cars that is nearly worth the price of admission by itself.)

I mentioned new wedding rings a few days ago; I thought I might as well let those of you who cared see them. Thistles and Celtic triskelions, rose gold with white gold bands, in 18K. Given a choice I would just as soon have had 10K, it's harder and is more suited to my lifestyle, but they don't MAKE decent rings in 10K...


And then there is the bear. While on my recent road trip, I found myself thinking of Tom a fair amount; he had been on a few road trips with me, and I wished there had been more (even though when we were together he often made me want to strangle him...). And since I tend to travel with a small entourage of stuffed animals, anyway, I got it into my head to find a stuffed animal to be my personal Tom avatar for such occasions (Talking to stuffed animals is so much more sane than talking to oneself, isn't it?). I decided a bear would be good (particularly since our menagerie is light on bears), and ended up with the fellow in the picture. He has been christened "Clueless Tom", and has some of the original's ashes (in a sealed container) tucked inside of him.


Uncle Hyena
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