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First of all, there is this, courtesy of my friend Jon (paka on LJ):


Then, there is the fact that my production copy of Tom Smith's "The Last Hero on Earth" came in the mail on Friday. I bought a pre-release at a concert in January, and that included a "leave your address and I will mail you a finished copy" deal, so I did, and he did, and...

Tom participated in "24 Hour Comic Day" in 2004 by writing an entire CD, 17 songs, in one 24 hour period. In 2005, he decided he wanted to improve on that, and actually wrote a MUSICAL; he has his LJ friends offer story titles in the mode of 60's era Stan Lee/Jack Kirby comics, and then he strung 20 of them together in what seemed like a plot. Not only did he write all 20 songs in the prescribed time, he also strung them into a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. And the fool thing didn't just fly, it flew well. It is silly, of course (Tom wrote it, after all), but it is also inspiring and touching. And the final version contains ELEVEN bonus tracks, AND brief outlines of powers and disadvantages of the heroes (Yeah, Tom has played more than a little "Champions" in his day...). Fafnyr! Shield Maiden! Fenderbender! Ya gotta love it.

And this brings us back to the Big Blue Schoolboy. Probably the fastest way to sort comics fans by emotional age is the old question: Superman or Batman? Anyone who answers, "Superman," should be avoided, unless you are REALLY bored or feeling abusive. Of course, every now and then I find myself in a situation to discuss ways to FIX Superman, which is much more interesting.

The other day, conversation touched briefly on "Smallville", and I made a largely lust based comment that I wouldn't mind seeing them spin off Erica Durance in "Lois Lane, Reporter", or some such, because I really do enjoy what they have done with the character. And then a couple of things clicked... Suppose Lois in Clark have all of their secrets out in the open, and are in love. They have also figured out everything in "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex" without any fatal experiments. Lois deals with her frustrations by way of a string of dead end relationships; Clark puts on his tights and hits thing very hard. Along the way they do the usual superhero thing... Suddenly, we have the underpinnings of an ADULT show. Instead of being driven by angst, it would be driven by frustration and anger. I'd certainly watch it...

Uncle Hyena
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