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I'm not quite sure what touched it off, but we started gaming again at work over the Memorial Day weekend. The nature of the job is such that if we check the consoles from time to time, we can do some pretty heavy slacking all day long on weekends and holidays, and up until about 6:00 AM on weekdays. We can even justify it: "We're not playing games, we're utilizing interactive alertness aids!" As long as we actually DO stay alert, it works.

So... We have played a few games of "Girl Genius: The Works", which is always handy if you are in a hurry and mostly brain dead, and a couple of games of local favorite "Starfarers of Catan", and even one straight game of "Settlers of Catan". We finally got a chance to play two games of "Puerto Rico", one without the expansion set and one with it; we definitely need to play it more. The game we have played most of, though, is "Dread Pirate".

I first encountered "Dread Pirate" in a high end toy catalog, and it looked interesting and beautiful (the map is cloth, the dice are wood, the tokens are glass or metal, and the BOX is wood; there is no plastic ANYWHERE), but it was about $100, and I had no idea what the game was really like. Then I got a very brief rave review from my friend Nikki, and discovered a bookcase edition for $40, and I took the bait...

It's a pretty good game. It is more reliant on chance than strategy, but there is SOME strategy, and the rules are vague in a few places, but we made do. We also pretty much immediately started customizing variants to use the leftover counters, since we were playing three handed, and THAT has led to some interesting outcomes. I am currently working on some rules which allow you to upgrade your ships sailing and combat abilities, which should make the early game more interesting (and make it possible, though unlikely, for the board to win.

I keep threatening to figure out a way to combine "Puerto Rico" and "Settlers", and one of these days we REALLY need to get and RPG going...

Uncle Hyena
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