Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Movies, Tattoos, and Random Weirdness

Let's see... Dementia was off on Friday, so we went to an early show of "The Lake House" and LOVED it. GREAT movie. I tend to loathe time travel plots in science fiction, but have no trouble with them when they are presented as pure fantasy. I like both Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves a great deal, and I am tolerant of well crafted romances, and, well, see it. Bring a date.

After that we made stopped by Libertyville Tattoo, and I convinced Dementia that she didn't want to get her tattoos that day. Then we went to Borders; I got into a conversation with a sales clerk about the fact that, if the first novel does well, the copy editing goes away on the second novel in the series; I showed her a sentence which contained no verbs (for no good reason) and she nodded politely; it was pretty clear she had no idea what I was talking about. Then I almost collided into another young woman who commented that she liked my shirt (a Dark Horse Conan), and it turned out she knew of Conan, but was clueless about Howard and Lovecraft. I gave her a five minute spiel, and I think I talked her into renting "The Whole Wide World"... Good times. Then Dementia made me take her back to the tattoo parlor, so she could reserve the first spot on Saturday morning.

Saturday we were at the tattoo parlor at 11:00, and left at about 1:45; Dementia now has a spiral triskelion on the inside of her right forearm, and a reproduction of a "Julia Set" crop circle on the inside of her left forearm. We went to a nearby comic shop, and they looked askance at her bandages; Dementia grinned and said, "It was a really inept suicide attempt." I love my wife...

We went home and watched "Kiss, kiss, bang, bang," on DVD, and we LOVED it. Robert Downey, Jr., and Val Kilmer being as good as they have ever been in a modern film noir. Magical.

There is also new poetry, but that will wait for another day.

Uncle Hyena
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