Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Ring of the Nibelungs

A while ago SciFi had an ad campaign for a two night special they had coming up, something called "Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King." The ad contained the line, "Before 'The Lord of the Rings', there was..." And I thought, "Yeah, right." But I recognized Kristanna Loken, go I looked it up on IMDB, and found that her character was named Brunnhild, and the only character with higher billing was named Siegfried, and I thought, "Wow. Truth in advertising." We tried to record it but something went wrong, and a few weeks later it came out on DVD, and I grabbed a copy.

I watched the thing yesterday, and enjoyed it a great deal. It did at least as good a job of compositing the threads of a very old story as "Excalibur" did for the Arthurian stories, in spite of being butchered: The original ran 184 minutes, the available version runs 132, and it is clear from the ancillary material that many good scenes have been lost; it would seem that the cuts were made just to make it shorter (with extra attention paid to scenes that played up the conflict between Christianity and Norse Paganism).

I REALLY want to see the original version, somehow. My hopes are not high. In the meantime, I recommend this movie highly, both as medieval fantasy and as visualized myth.

Uncle Hyena
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