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There is, or was, a strange British game show called "Whose line is it, anyway?" that scores professional comics on their improv skills. BBC America has be showing reruns, and we have watched it occasionally.

Now, I am not that fond of improv; it tends to miss far more often than it hits, and I am not so fond of comedy in general that it is worth my attention to stay focused through the bad stuff for the occasional gem. But these people are VERY good, and it makes for pretty good background while folding laundry.

The last stunt of every show is the hoe down, in which each contestant has something like 30 seconds plus the time occupied by the people in front of them to come up with a pair of rhymed couplets that fit the music and deal with a specified topic. They seldom choke, and are often quite funny. As an occasional poet, this impresses the hell out of me, as I can no more turn out stuff that fast than I can fly.

On the other hand, what is impossible in 30 seconds is pretty easy in 30 minutes, and the other evening I watched a hoe down on the topic of "waiting" that was pretty flat, and then went out to pick up the evening's pizza. Wheels started to turn...

I'm waiting on my girlfriend, I've been waiting for a while;
When she brought out the handcuffs, all I could do was smile;
She chained me in the basement, and then turned out the light--
But that was Friday evening, and now it's Tuesday night.

Uncle Hyena
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