Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Dead Man's Chest (spoiler free)

We saw it last night; I already had plans to see it a second time on 7/12, and today, give a choice between seeing "Pirates" again and seeing "Superman" for the first time... "Pirates" wins with ANY thought.

"The Princess Bride" now has the SECOND best sword fight in cinematic history.

There is a rather long sequence at about the one/third mark that adds nothing to the movie. It isn't bad, it's just mostly pointless.

Once all of this is over, I REALLY want an "Elizabeth Swann: Ten Years After".

I was going to ask if anyone knew what year this stuff was supposed to be going on, but... Port Royal is still standing, and it was destroyed in 1692, and "George" is on the English throne, which means it can't be earlier than 1714. Which means... Oh, well...

Uncle Hyena
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