Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Good Company and Surreality

Got together with Paul G. on Monday afternoon, had lunch at Taco Bell with him and his High School Chemistry teacher. In the course of things I trotted out my theory that the thing that drove early man to start making permanent settlements was the quest for better beer. Doc got it at once, and I suspect it will edge its way into his classrooms in the coming year. Heh. I may also get an opportunity to do a poetry presentation out of the meeting...

Paul and I then picked up Erika, and we went to "Clerks II" and then to a DIFFERENT Taco Bell for more conversation. The two of them whimpered about the fact that they were going to turn TWENTY this year. I rolled my eyes a lot. We had fun.

Today I went to Gurnee Mills and did three laps of the mall, 4.5 miles total. It's air conditioned, and the ambulatory scenery is usually pretty good. I didn't carry anything to drink, and I didn't stop to drink, so there was a point on the third lap when I was licking my lips because they were sticky. I noticed an attractive young woman who was walking the other way on the far side of the mall, and our eyes met. It occurred to me that the attractive young woman had just noticed an ugly old man across the mall staring at her and licking his lips, and I started to prepare myself for the look of horror and revulsion... and she gave me a, "Yeah, I know, I'm hot," smile. I blinked and almost tripped; obviously this was only possible under un-, sub-, or super- natural circumstances. I kept waiting for reality to reassert itself in some painful fashion, but it hasn't, so far...

Uncle Hyena
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