Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Lightning Strikes

Lightning hit one of my oaks on Thursday afternoon. It blew a ten foot piece of already dead wood into the neighbor's lawn, and doesn't otherwise seem to have hurt the tree much. It DID blow the main circuit breaker of the house, as well as one other breaker; it also toasted three out of five phones, the answering machine, an LCD night light, and the cable modem. We didn't get the phone problems sorted out until last night, and we are still without internet access, though I suspect (hope) that a trip to Circuit City will fix that. The phones that died were cheap, one piece models; the one half decent phone survived, as did the Bakelite rotary model that pre-dates semiconductors, and would probably survive any current overload that didn't actually cause it to ignite.

Recent archive delving has turned up the following chestnut, originally posted to a "Firefly" message board back when the show was still on the air. No one responded to it at all, which upset me a bit; I can only assume it flew over their heads.

"Inara looks at Alonso Quijana, and sees Don Quixote; Mal looks at Dulcinea, and sees Aldonza."

Uncle Hyena
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