Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Weak (Cinematic) Tea

It has been hellaciously hot the last few days, and I have spent more time than usual in movies theaters, hiding from the heat. Since I had already seen "Dead Man's Chest" three times, and "Clerks II" twice, I tried a few other things. I was less than thrilled...

"My Super Ex-Girlfriend": Not dreadful. Not exactly GOOD, but not dreadful. It aims low, and more or less hits the mark.

"John Tucker Must Die": Almost dreadful. The cast is engaging, but the script is REALLY weak. Teen comedies frequently have enough soul to lift them above their concepts; this one doesn't.

"The Lady in the Water": Pretty good, actually. Unquestionably Shyamalan's second best film (after "The Sixth Sense", obviously). Shyamalan finally breaks out of his usual surprise ending mold, and thereby avoids having the movie disintegrate in the last act. The Folklorist in me was fascinated, even though I (and apparently every critic in the country) found the names distressingly bad; someone needed to tell Shyamalan that no one would give him integrity points for using the same dumb names he came up with on the spur of the moment when he first made up the story...

"Miami Vice": Dreary. Routine action movie with no trace of humor or heroism.

"Monster House": Not bad. It's an animated, kid-oriented pseudo-horror film, and it delivers what it promises. It DID make me wonder what could be done by way of terrifying the audience with a live action film with a similar gimmick, and NO special effects...

And in other news... We have the internet, again. It took Comcast two days to get THEIR end of things sorted out...

Uncle Hyena
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