Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Bulk Update

Saw three movies, went bowling for the first time in 22 years, more trouble with the home internet, drove to Michigan and went sailing with my brother. Details below.


"Step Up": Engaging principles, pretty good characters, paper thin plot, final dance sequence worth the price of admission (or you just went to the wrong movie by mistake...).

"Zoom": Tim Allen does superheroes. Fluffy fun. Kate Mara will be making waves in the near future...

"World Trade Center": I got paid time and a half to watch this movie, and enjoyed it in spite of my expectations; it isn't the goopy mess I expected it to be. The story of the Marine who bluffed his way past the barriers into the wreckage simply by being a Marine is priceless.

The home internet is STILL only up about one day in three since the lightning strike on 8/27. We had someone out on Saturday who actually certified that the problem was NOT in the house or with any of our equipment, so at least I won't have to schedule further service around my availability. Grrr.

Monday we had a staff "team building" outing. We saw "World Trade Center", ate pizza, and went bowling on the company dime. First time I have bowled since 1984 (and only the third time since I was 12 or so), and managed to break 100 for the first time. Also slightly hyper-extended my left elbow.

On Tuesday I got up at 5:00, hit the road with boat in tow a bit after 6:00, and drove to Union Michigan. I picked up my brother Tim and we went sailing at nearby Diamond Lake. There was no wind at all until the boat hit the water, and from then on it was pretty much perfect; we did 17.6 miles in about four hours. Six knots doesn't sound like much, but it means the lee rail is in the water, the water is literally ROARING around the boat, and you pretty much hanging from the weather rail trying to keep the boat upright. Good times. Afterward we went to dinner with Tim's wife and two of his children (the third having been temporarily exported to Alaska...) and I finally got a tour of Tim's shop. I pent the night, dragged myself home on Wednesday morning, and pretty much died...

Uncle Hyena
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