Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Ecumenical Moment

St. Ignatius Catholic Church is on the edge of Chapel Point State Park in Maryland. Rev. Bob, Clueless and I went by there one day last week. Clueless wandered off.

There is an outdoor "Stations of the Cross" walkway adjacent to the parking lot; I looked at it and smiled.

"It's a spiral," I said.

"Really?" said Rev. Bob, grinning.

And so we walked the Spiral Path, protestant clergyman and pagan storyteller, counterclockwise through 360 degrees of Archimedian spiral, filled with reverences the builders (or at least, those who paid the builders) would have objected to. We walked past the cross at the center (a "risen Christ" pseudo-crucifix), and then clockwise out the exiting counter-spiral.

There is magic everywhere, and the Spiral Path WILL find your feet...

Uncle Hyena
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