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And the answer is...

I'm tired of waiting, and most of the people I thought had a chance at guessing this one have posted since I asked the question, so have had SOME opportunity to answer...

Kane. As in "Solomon Kane", Robert E. Howard's Puritan swordsman. The idea was that you were supposed to realize that "Rehoboam" was the son of Solomon (Biblical reference), and the name Solomon and the date 1590 would lead you to Solomon Kane, and several people got from "Rehoboam" to "Solomon", but no one so far has admitted to knowing of the character.

It's too bad, because in a lot of ways Kane was Howard's best character; certainly he was the only one Howard revisted regularly who did NOT look like a thinly disguised Conan.

Anyway, several years ago I needed a character for a table top "Three Musketeers" RPG, and it occurred to me that the son of Solomon Kane would be the right age, and give the character some nice depth. Of course, Kane never married, and he wasn't the sort of fellow to spawn illegitimate children, so something... peculiar... must have happened. As in magic and or drugs must have been involved. This got me as far as the idea that Rehoboam's mother must have been a Gypsy, and that was enough to go on with.

Last night, in the mood that produced my last post, I found myself working through the details of just what might have transpired. What would motivate a woman to use magic to force a man she disliked (hated?) to sire a child on her? And then an odd, indirect circuit closed: The Romani "flavor" of Gypsies are metalsmiths (copper); the were-hyenas of Ethiopia were metalsmiths (iron); it's a tenuous connection, but just maybe...

So it turns out that Rehoboam Kane is a were-hyena. Sort of. Needless to say, this opens all sorts of dramatic possibilities...

After posting last night's riddle, I sat down and roughed out the story. You can read it here:

Uncle Hyena
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