Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Conniving Clive

Conniving Clive

A dashing young pirate named Clive
Wondered just how he'd survive
When his girls from each port
Gathered at ONE resort
And each found she was but one of five.

Now Clive was just that sort of bloke
Who lied every time that he spoke,
But when girls numbered five
Sought to boil him alive
His glibness went right up in smoke.

Then clever Clive thought of a play:
Five crewmates could help save the day!
If each one girl would woo,
All would have someone new,
And Clive could then go on his way.

So charming Clive set in to coach
Five hearties on just how to poach
Unsuspecting girls' hearts
With insincere arts
(Yes, Clive had the soul of a roach.).

And when it was all said and done,
Clive's mates the five girls' hearts had won
And Clive sailed way
With no more to say
Than that the whole game had been fun.

Paul (Uncle Hyena) Haynie

This is a response to a contest in the Puzzle Pirates MMOLRPG to write a string of five limericks that told a story with a theme (or at least a sub-theme) of “five”. I didn’t plan to participate, but Faye apparently decided she liked the idea, so this bit of foolishness took less than 24 hours, start to finish.
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