Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Accepted, Nina, and Things Sundry

On Sunday we went to see "Accepted", an upper mediocre comedy about a group of kids who found a fraudulent college and have it become real. The premise was flawed; the main character was supposedly turned down by every college he applied to, but was most certainly NOT the sort of drool-on-his-shoes idiot to whom this would actually happen. Still, it raised some worthwhile questions about the essential fraudulence of modern higher education and the concept of accreditation-- not that anyone is paying attention.

After the movie, I took Dementia to see "Nina"; she was suitably impressed, and I actually found out WHY the foremast shrouds were secured with blocks instead of deadeyes: The shrouds need to be removable so that the yard can be lowered to the deck.

On Monday night I had dinner with Meaghan (Lasarina of LJ). I also met her various roommates, and saw her apartment (she's only lived there a year...). The Meglet is great company, and she gave me a 20 minute introduction to the background to the game "Exalted", among other strange topics. I liked all but one of her friends, and bit my tongue about the social situation in the apartment (Borderline Alpha male surrounds himself with individuals he can dominate; my inclination as an Alpha Rogue is to tear his throat out and watch the chaos, but of course, this is a CIVILIZED world...).

Tuesday was mostly a blur; I apparently was suffering from whatever Dementia had had last week. Wednesday I walked to the chiropractor and found that he had left for lunch 45 minutes early, and I had missed him. Grrr.

Finally, we have new (silly) poetry:

Uncle Hyena
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