Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena



The Lady was most of a century old when the Twins came into this world, and she watched them grow, straight and strong, until they towered over her.
They stood by her as she went through life-saving surgery, and witnessed her glorious rebirth.
For nearly 40 years they shared her vigil over the harbor.
She watched, helplessly, as they were wounded, and died.
The vigil is lonelier now, but she still stands with her torch raised above the harbor.
Her torch, which has meant so many things to so many people.
And now, Defiance.
We once thought the Twins were immortal, and learned otherwise; we still hope that the Lady will prove to be immortal, but we are certain that her name will be.
And that is enough.

Paul Haynie

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