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Blodging it

I'm on vacation. I got off work Sunday at noon, and don't have to be back to work until midnight next Wednesday. I am. for the most part, squandering the time on feeling ill, complaining about the weather, and playing video games.

On Sunday we saw "Hollywoodland", and enjoyed it. The film comes to no real conclusions about the Reeves death, though it is a bit skewed in terms of the suicide option.

Tuesday was "Talk Like a Pirate Day". For some inexplicable reason, this "holiday" just irritates the hell out of me. Pirates fascinate me, and I have definite respect for a few of them (Bartholomew Roberts and Mary Read in particular), but the idea of people doing bad impressions of a Cornishman chewing up the scenery (the archetypal "pirate talk" is based on Robert Newton's Long John Silver in the 1950 "Treasure Island") just... BOTHERS me. I suppose you could assume a mild Mayfair accent and claim you were talking like Bartholomew Roberts, or a Scottish accent, and claim you were talking like Long John Silver was SUPPOSED to sound (Stevenson based LJS on his friend and fellow Scot William Ernest Henley).

I watched "CSI: New York" last night, the first time I have actually seen any of the CSI shows. Decent characters and dialog, silly plot. I understand what the appeal of these shows is, though: They are superhero stories toned down for people who can't handle "real" superheroes. Big city cops don't have anything like that kind of time and attention to pay to non-press-case murders, nor do they have anything like that kind of resources. And the tech... Yeah, these techniques exist, but they don't work that well, and they aren't used that often, and... If you take a foundation to rooftop photo of a 40 story building with a hand held camera, there is NO WAY you will be able to blow up the silhouette of one of the occupants to anything recognizable. Think about it: If the shot was taken with a 16MP camera or equivalent (and it was NOT), a foot long face occupies at most 100 pixels. Anyway, I think these shows are so popular because they allow people to think that the system works, and that the good guys tend to win. Me, I prefer fantasy settings and real morality, rather than real settings and fantasy morality. I'm funny that way...

And there is a rumor I might still go out of town over Friday and Saturday nights; we shall see; Dementia was looking forward to being rid of me.

Uncle Hyena

Uncle Hyena
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