Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena


First Thing:

A college student: The Professor is hot. I would totally do her.
Another college student: She is too old for you.

Hyena: How the hell can a fantasy lust object POSSIBLY be too old? Fantasy lust objects are ASSUMED to be inaccessible; their marital status and sexual orientation DO NOT MATTER.

Or so it seems to me. Anyone care to argue?

Second Thing:

A few days ago, I was seduced by bright bars of color and filled out a personality survey. It offered to match me with people with similar scores, and gave me five choices with about a 75% match. I wrote to all five, and one of them wrote back. I am still in the process of doing my usual stalkerish/obsessive thing of reading every back journal post and generally crawling as far into her head as I can (Yes, I have done it to at least half of the people who are going to read this, and I have known most of the rest longer than blogging has existed), and while I don't think she is all that much like me, I like her a great deal. She is my kind of crazy.

Third Thing:

We had thunderstorms on Monday night, and we lost another cable modem, so I was off line from Monday evening until Wednesday at noon. There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Fourth Thing:

I got an 85% on the test last weekend, which is pretty much commensurate with the effort invested. I was a bit worried that that was NOT going to work out.

Fifth Thing:

It seems that I will have vacation from December 11 to December 20. I am planning on taking a "Meet the Internet" road trip to Maryland and back, so if you are interested in meeting me face to face, and live anywhere vaguely twixt here and there, shout. I will see what can be worked out; if EVERYONE in that bracket shouts, the logistics will get ugly.

Uncle Hyena
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