Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

On This Day...

...699 years ago, Philip of France pronounced anathema upon the Knights Templar, probably starting the legend of Friday the 13th in the process.

...22 years ago, Dementia and I were married in an apartment complex recreation hall in Indianapolis. The Reverend Bob (godnix of LJ) presided. Total attendance was 21 persons, including Bob's three sons (the fourth hadn't been born yet). Catering was by Little Caesar's Pizza, transported by my brother Pete. A thirty minute unscheduled delay was provided by Clueless Tom.

Some years ago, I made Dementia an anniversary trinket which consisted of a fan of playing cards: The ten and queen of spades face up, three low cards of mixed suits face down, and the jack, king, and ace of spades face up. The metaphor, which Dementia saw at once, is, "Drawing three cards to a royal flush." (This is absolutely THE most improbable way to win a hand of poker.)

22 years later, Dementia remains the most improbable, and the most wonderful, thing in a life that has included a great deal of improbability and a fair amount of wonder. I have occasionally said I used up all of my life's luck on that one draw. It isn't true, but even if it were, I would have absolutely no regrets.

Uncle Hyena
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