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So I was sitting at the kitchen island eating my lunch, and the bell rang. I considered ignoring it, but they could see me sitting there, so I answered the door to find two short, stocky, well scrubbed young men in suits. They were wearing "Church of the Latter Day Saints" name tags.

"I just got home from work, and REALLY need to go to bed," I said.

"Is there a time when we can come by that would be more convenient?" one of them asked cheerfully. (They did EVERYTHING cheerfully, so let's just take that as read, shall we?)

I sighed. "There really isn't much point. I pretty much know the score... A good friend of mine is a Mormon."

"Really? Have you ever read the book of Mormon?"

"Some of it. I read a lot of things." I sighed again. "Look, you have no hope here. I'm a pagan; I follow Odin."

They were taken aback at this (though still very cheerful). One of them said, "So... Hallow E'en is a really big holiday for pagans, then, isn't it?"

I smiled, said, "Not the way you would think," and proceeded to tell them about the night between the years when the walls between the worlds and the walls between the years came down, when one wears a mask to avoid being mistaken for a mere pathetic mortal, and how sad the whole commercial Hallow E'en machine made me.

They gave me a business card, and went on their way; I went back to my lunch thinking hopefully about the butterfly effect.

Uncle Hyena
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