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Updates and Answers

First, thanks to everyone who replied to my "Curiosity" post; reciprocation below, eventually. Second, I managed to find an adequate BS mode to do the damned review, I hope. At least, I submitted it.

Movies: On Saturday we saw "The Prestige". INTERESTING movie. If you see it, watch the dove trick; it's a metaphor for the plot at several levels. On Sunday we saw "Marie Antoinette"... Sophia Coppola seems to think that movies are supposed to put the audience to sleep. Great visuals, decent performances, incredibly bad pacing.

Now, replies to the proto-meme. I am going to avoid names, in the interest of plausible deniability.

Trickster Saint

Back in the day, he was a long haired hippie peacenik acid-head. The drugs were long ago; these days, his hair is pretty conservative, and he wears suits a lot; his wonderfully Satanic oversized canines went away in a bout of orthodontia some years ago. He's the pastor of a small conservative church; half of his parishioners work for the Department of Defense. Underneath the surface, he is still very much a hippie peacenik. He preaches something that has a least as much in common with Buddhism as it does with popular Christianity, but he will argue with great erudition that it is closer to what Jesus actually taught than either. He doesn't have the scary wanton glamor-casting ability that our mutual friend Clueless Tom had, but he has something better: when he is at the pulpit, people think they hear what they expect to hear, and they don't even notice that he is filling their heads with subversive ideas like peace and love and forgiveness. There is no one, other than my parents, who has taught me more.

Reality Surfer

She should be a train wreck. She is sexually precocious, fond of recreational drugs, and pathologically unable to respect authority. She SHOULD be a mess, but she isn't. She doesn't have things under control, but she does make it all balance, sliding down the tidal wave with her feet firmly on the board and one had dragging casually across the face of the wave. She is also physically tiny and one hell of a photographer.

I still owe one, but I am burnt for the night.

Uncle Hyena
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