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Uncle Hyena

Happy New Year!

My dad is 80 today.

I spent last night wired to an EEG at the sleep therapist's office. I think next year I am going to try to talk Bob into letting me FINALLY have my bonfire in HIS yard; the weather is almost certainly going to be better in Maryland (his parishioners never need to know...).

More descriptions:

Mother Leopard:

We were dimly aware of each other on the SF con circuit for years; we certainly had mutual friends. I didn't really get to know her until she came to work in my department, on my shift, and then there were group meals and occasional table games and random conversation. She's pleasant, intelligent, and interested in just about everything, but you don't really see her until you see her with her kids. It's not that she's overprotective; she knows that a certain amount of physical and emotional wear and tear are actually healthy. But you have to see her eyes when she decides that protective action IS necessary, or perhaps just wish you never do; you certainly don't want that look focused on YOU...

Teddy Biker

He stumbled across me on line, because of the Heinlein reference in my profile. He's a big, scary biker dude, minus the scary, with a side order of geek. It's not that he doesn't look the part; he has the Harley, and the leathers, but the illusion doesn't hold up to his basic shyness and decency. He's also into anime, recumbent bicycles, and robotics. (I need to spend more time with this guy...)


Several years ago, I watched a midnight showing of a pretty decent horror movie. It had it its flaws, but it was a decent, workmanlike film. After it was over, I sat down in a darkened hotel lobby and had a conversation with the beautiful young woman who had written, directed, produced, edited, and stared in the thing. She was 17; that was the only time in my life I have EVER been in awe of another human being. She scares me, except when she tries to do so; such is her gift, and her curse. Reality gives her everything she wants, as long as she doesn't want it too much, which of course means that when things DO go wrong, tragedy comes in on greased rails. She has pulled more poetry out of me than anyone else; being around her is brutal on my ego, but well worth it.

Ok, I'm caught up. I think.

Uncle Hyena
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