Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Bad SF, and Happy Feet

"Battlestar Galactica" continues to disappoint; it is now clear that the writers not only don't understand many of their characters, but are probably incapable of understanding many of their characters. We will continue to watch it, because there are so few new genre shows available, but eventually I am going to get tired of chanting, "Morons..." under my breath.

"Happy Feet" is fun. Not brilliant, but fun. The music is good, there are fields of dancing penguins, and there is a COOL leopard seal sequence (oddly, the leopard seal was rather cuter than the real thing; real leopard seals don't look quite real).

My favorite moment of the afternoon came after the movie, while waiting for Dementia outside the bathroom. I was bored and had just seen a tap dancing movie, so I started to do a time step while I waited. I looked up and saw several children staring at me in fascination; I stopped. One of them stepped forward and tried to mimic me.

"Like this," I said. "Up on your toes, and then heel down, toe down, switch feet, heel down, toe down... And then you speed up." And then they were all doing it.

I love behavioral viruses...

Uncle Hyena
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