Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Plans and Decisions

I occasionally make jokes to the extent that my retirement plan is called "Violent Death". People who know me really well know that it isn't a joke...

I am, at the moment, taking an "Intro to American History II" class, for entirely stupid reasons. I assumed I could sleep walk through it, and get a low B; I am rather strolling through it consciously, and am pulling an A. I have learned a few incidental things along the way, and my instructor has caused me to to some serious thinking.

Edward worked his entire career in retail, and late in life got a BA, and then an MA in History. And now he is teaching at the local community college. If he can do, I can do it, and I enjoy teaching, and it would be a better retirement plan than Violent Death (as opposed to working at McDonald's or WalMart, which would not be). Two classes a year for fifteen years is 90 credit hours, which will probably do the job if I have a little luck in finding a program...

If I can do it. If I want to do it. Can I, should, commit to something that will degrade my quality of life for the next fifteen years in the hope (probable but by no means certain) of a mediocre pay off?

Oh, hell. I already know the answer. I had a kind of silly dream for about two weeks, and once the euphoria wore off, it died under the weight of its own reality.

Ah, well, perhaps the horse will still learn to sing.

Comments will be greatly appreciated.

Uncle Hyena
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