Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Creative Thoughts

"There is a technical term for a human who fights a duel with an elf; it's 'corpse'. The human has an advantage in strength, but the elf has speed and reach, and has been studying the blade since before the human's grandfather was born. There is only one way the fight can end." --Probable Chapter Blurb

I had this vision the other day; I could concatenate several of the plots and characters I am currently playing with (Tom Mallory, Filch, Cynthia, the wingless fairy) into something that suspiciously resembles a novel. I am still working on details, but I am dangerously close to having a project that I BELIEVE in. This is disturbing on several levels.

Updates to follow as they seem relevant.

Uncle Hyena
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