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Another Good-bye, and Stuff

Lakehurst Cinema is a twelve screen theater adjacent to the now-demolished Lakehurst Mall. We went there for the first time sometime in 1988 after we moved to Skokie, and it has been our primary theater since moving to Waukegan in 1992. We have seen something like 1300 movies there. It was scheduled to close forever on January 4; the landlord is going to demolish the place and parcel out the land. We arrived on Christmas Eve, planning to watch "The Pursuit of HappYness", and found the place padlocked and marked with "unfit for occupancy" stickers; I can only assume they had a furnace failure, and decided there was no point in making a repair. We have been robbed of our chance to say good-bye, and it stings.

We ended up seeing "A Night at the Museum" at another theater, en route to Dementia's parents place (it was a great deal of fun, and we are NOT Ben Stiller fans); we saw "HappYness" on Tuesday, en route to a gathering of MY family (it was decent, but UNCOMFORTABLE to watch, and it did nothing to improve my already abysmal impression of the character of stockbrokers).

Loot was, well, loot. I think the thing that got furthest inside me was a "Blues Brothers Complete" CD that Dementia picked up as an import from Argentina (I have no clue...); we played it while Dementia was building a turkey dinner on Christmas day. I tend to forget how much I love "She Caught the Katy"; it's one hell of a song, anyway, but it is SO heavily freighted with memories of the first time I saw "The Blues Brothers", and who I was at that time. 1980 was a GOOD year...

At the Tuesday gathering, we took a photo of ALL of the living Haynies (our branch anyway; my great, great grandfather may have other descendants, somewhere), fifteen at this go round. The last time was at my Grandmother's 90th birthday in 1988. There were eleven of us then; since then there has been one death, and five births. I'll post it when I get a copy, if anyone cares...

Uncle Hyena
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