Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Thaumatology 101

(Thaumatology is a neologism, courtesy of GURPS, which means the study of theoretical magic, as opposed to Thaumaturgy, which is the practice of magic.)

Today's revelation: All diamonds are cursed. Really. I don't say this just because I hate the diamond industry (which I do); it is simply a fact.

Think about it. Diamonds are mined under incredibly harsh working conditions by virtual slave labor. It takes an enormous amount of personal investment to overcome that sort of thing, and when you consider that the average engagement ring has been purchased with more than a little resentment (because most men find themselves pushed into spending more than they had any intention of doing), we have one more element in America's divorce rate.

So... We have a stone pulled from the earth by a slave, transmitted through the hands of indifferent (but fundamentally materialistic) traders, modified by a sweatshop craftsman, sold by a swindler on commission, purchased by someone who resents the price and necessity, and finally worn by someone who (let's face it) is inclined to wish the price tag were somehow engraved on the thing when she shows it off. It takes more love than most people are capable of to penetrate that much negative energy...

On the other hand, HEIRLOOM rings are cool. If your grandmother's ring is available, it's a safe bet she has worked through (or just plain worn off) all of that negative energy, and left the ring with a memory of her own love to boot. And any man who finds it easier to stake his grandmother's ring than one he paid cash for is a soulless lout, anyway...

Uncle Hyena
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