Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

"We Are Marshall" and "The Good Shepherd"

We saw "We Are Marshall" on Sunday (it was your basic heartwarming, inspirational movie; we enjoyed it), and then spent the evening watching "Doctor Who". Dementia went to bed early; I happened to stay up late enough to hear the neighbors shoot up the sky, but it wasn't exactly by design.

We saw "The Good Shepherd" this afternoon. It was joyless and soporific; the cast was GREAT, but the characters were paper thin. The dialog was pretty good, at least when the characters weren't speaking in furtive whispers and therefore unintelligible. Of course, that didn't matter much, since the plot was so transparent that you could follow it nicely on half the dialog. How does crap like this get made?

Uncle Hyena
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