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Best "Lord of the Rings" Story

At WindyCon in November 2001 (just before "The Fellowship of the Ring" came out), there was a panel called "Lord of the Rings Memories". It was intended as a forum for people to tell their stories about what the book had meant to them over the years.

The showstopper:

One fellow was reading "Return of the King" by the light of parachute flares while on duty on the bunker line at a fire base in Viet Nam in 1970. The Rohirrim had reached the edge of the Pellenor Fields, saw the devastarion, and had a moment of doubt. Our boy read that, and was SURE that they were going to turn around and go back the way they had come. And then Theoden made his best speech in the book, blew on a borrowed horn so loudly it burst asunder, and the Rohirrim charged ahead. And then our boy jumped to his feet, fired his M-16 into the air, and shouted, "Ride Theoden! Ride to Gondor!" The Viet Cong responded with a burst of (fortunately inaccurate) rifle fire; our boy realized that he had gotten a BIT carried away, and ducked back under cover.

It's quite a book, it is...

Uncle Hyena
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